The challenges we present to our scholars are to make a difference, to give back in some way, and to become a leader of tomorrow.

By drawing on your talents, values, and passions, you are tasked to determine how you can help create this transformational experience. A transformational experience is one that enables you to foster:

  • Inquiry—Discovering the facts and the beginning of ideas, starting with the question, “Is this the best there is?”
  • Vision—Looking beyond what exists to see what is possible.
  • Drive for change—Courageously pushing for improvements, understanding both risks and rewards.
  • Knowledge and skills—Knowing how to get things done.
  • Perseverance—Using tenacity, even when obstacles present themselves, to get results.

Illinois Vision

For Scholars at Illinois, these challenges can be met individually in a variety of ways through campus and community involvement, especially within one’s own academic program.  However, as a group of Illinois undergrads with the Stamps common thread, our Scholars seek to:

  1. Create a diverse, sustainable and cohesive community of Illinois Stamps Scholars that fosters lifelong relationships
  2. Establish a more prominent Stamps brand at Illinois and achieve recognition for the program through charitable works
  3. Utilize Stamps at Illinois as a platform for career advancement that connects Scholars with resources and networking opportunities

Along the way, the Stamps program advisor will works directly with you to provide guidance over all aspects of the program and to assist in creating the collaborative and spirited environment. Additionally, you'll have access to many wonderful folks through your college, department, and co-curricular experiences.  Get a glimpse of the Illinois Stamps Community here: https://www.instagram.com/uiucstampsscholars/