Enrichment Funds

Stamps Scholars at Illinois have access to $12,000 in enrichment funds during the first 4 years of their undergraduate career.

As part of the scholarship, enrichment funds are jointly provided by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation and the University of Illinois. The intention is for funds to be used to cover costs associated with educational experiences that will accelerate students' academic and professional careers (rather than toward paying for material objects). 

In general, funds may be utilized for:

  • Freshman retreats
  • Studying or volunteering abroad
  • Independent or summer research
  • Professional conferences
  • Unpaid internships
  • Paid internships (where budgeted living expenses will not be fully met by anticipated income)
  • Summer course enrollment (at Illinois or other institutions)
  • Other approved activities

As a general rule, funds may not be utilized for:

  • Purchase of electronic equipment
  • Supplies needed for design projects or small business-related activities
  • Activities that have already taken place (requests should be made in advance)

Stamps Scholars may request use of these funds through the Enrichment Fund Request Form. Proposals are reviewed by a committee comprised of individuals supporting the Stamps Scholars Program.  To ensure that funds are available prior to the event or activity, requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance and with the deadlines below in mind.

Date of Activity Deadline for Fund Request 
January 1 - June 30 May 1
July 1 - December 30 December 1

Upon completion of an approved enrichment activity, Scholars are invited to provide information for their peers at the Share My Experience Form.  To generate ideas for how to use funds, current and future Scholars can browse submissions (even tailoring the search by academic major, type of activity, or estimated expense, etc.) at our online log of Enrichment Ideas.  Always consult with the Stamps Program Advisor with questions or concerns about enrichment funds.