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DGS is the undergraduate enrollment program for students who want to explore their academic options before declaring their majors and for students in transition between colleges and/or majors.

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The Pre-Law team assists students in exploring their interests in a legal education and career. Services include personal advising, special seminars and workshops, and a resource area in the lobby.

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The Scholarships Program assists students and recent alumni through the prestigious fellowship application process in their quests for greater knowledge, personal growth, and professional development.

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The Stamps Scholars Program at Illinois recognizes incoming freshmen for their excellence in leadership, perserverance, service, innovation, and academic success. These scholars receive financial and programmatic support to make the most out of their educational experience and to make a difference in the lives of others.

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About the Center

The Campus Center for Advising and Academic Services has been developed as part of the University of Illinois’ strategic plan to strengthen the academic services of advising and mentoring; activities that are at the heart of a student’s collegiate experience.

The Campus Center for Advising and Academic Services is centrally-located on campus in the Illini Union Bookstore building, fifth floor.

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Illini Union Bookstore